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Low-Level Anxiety

December 15th, 2008 at 07:09 am

I guess that's what I feel about the economy and our financial condition right now. My husband's job is contractual, but he's been there 8 years. I have a teaching contract too, but it's at a baseline level, and I always fill in with additional teaching and editing work. I guess we're fairly secure. We have no consumer debt, two 10-year-old cars, and a small mortgage. Our EF is funded with almost 6 months salary. We're years from retirement and 11 years till DD goes to college.

But still--I've seen so many people laid-off, our British friends are jobless right now, and I just get the feeling this will be a long long slog.

I think I need to ask myself those questions (especially since school is on a break now) about what I can do right now to make things a little better.

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