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Driving (Me) Crazy

May 5th, 2009 at 01:03 pm

We've been back and forth to my family's hometown three weekends out of the last four. Let's see, at 360 each way times 6, we've driven over 2100 miles. They were all good reasons: A birthday party for my mom, followed by mom breaking her hip, followed by a very sad funeral for another dear one. But I don't want to set foot in the car again for a while, at least for the other hour before I have to head to school.

Besides all the gas, we spent on snacks, meals, and hotels. We brought snacks, pricelined hotels, but still with that and some overdue clothing purchases, it's been a very expensive month.

While I was away, some of my ebay items sold. I'll update my totals tomorrow.
After I get out of the car!

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