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My Love Affair with the Library

May 26th, 2009 at 02:05 pm

This love affair, a longer-lasting affair than either of my marriages, began when I was just a kid. My mom had her hair done in a "beauty salon" right next to the library and while she got shampooed and set, I wallowed in the books.

I spent much of my tween and teen years on a bike, headed to the library. We walked there when the snow hit, but spent blissful summer days in the air conditioned library.

My college years meant the university library soon became one of my favorites.
I fondly remember one final exam study day spent with an open text, watching the snowflakes fall between the library and the student union.

During my commuting years I spent off hours there, and when my daughter was born, the story times were a much-needed and appreciated break. Now we check out DVDs, books, books for my classes, and our at-least-weekly trip is always a treasure hunt.

When I think about why I like our community, the library is one of the major reasons. It's not beautiful, like some of the nearby ones, but it's home.

It's bountiful, it's free (mostly), and it's fabulous.

4 Responses to “My Love Affair with the Library”

  1. tynana Says:

    I'm with you. Just went there this afternoon. Why would anyone buy books when there are so many at the library. We also rent videos there.

  2. L Saver Says:

    I still remember doing the summer reading program at my local library when I was a kid. At the end of the summer we got a gift certificate to a local children's bookstore, where we got to (gasp!) buy a brand new book. I love the library Smile

  3. Miss Sporty Saver Says:

    I loved the library as a kid! Good memories. I wish I could spend a nice day at the library, but I run across too many people I arrest or question due to work. I would hate to be browsing through a book, and someone walk up and say, "hey, didn't you give me a ticket the other day?" I barely go anywhere in the city I live in. I usually go to a bookstore in the next city over. That way I don't run into many people I know.

  4. dividing the dime Says:

    I'm so there! I've been married twice with forgettable dates/boyfriends in between marriages, but the library...ah, the library!! Like you, I have had a long-lasting and beautiful love affair with the library!! Every week I stop by on my way home from work just to walk through the aisles and magazines, wind down, get ideas, get inspired, get surprised by some odd 'how to' book that I just happen to walk by. When I was in college I was a shy loner and fell madly in love with the university library. I ran across a book called What You Think Of Me Is None of My Business. Don't remember the author, but just the title alone helped me battle the low self-esteem that plagued me through high school and college. Small miracles like that happen in the library for me all the time. Thanks for the blog. I'm headed to the library right now!! (smile)

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