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Back-to-School Planning

September 2nd, 2011 at 02:54 pm

I've spent all day getting my first couple of weeks of classes squared away. I'm about halfway done, and it occurs to me that the website prep takes at least as much time as the pre-electronic versions of most of my materials. But I guess it's cheaper and more environmentally sound not to make all those copies.

The university bookstore has neglected to order books for one of my classes, although they received my order last April. Besides being very expensive, the manager is very smarmy, and I always send my students elsewhere to buy or rent their books. This will cause some confusion in the first week, but I see that Amazon is offering free shipping on texts.

Another no-spend day since I spent it at home in shorts in front of the PC.

Happy Labor Day Weekend (yes, Rick Perry, there is such a thing as the Labor movement and Labor Day)!

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