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Better End to the Day

September 8th, 2011 at 09:38 pm

After a very rocky start to the day, things got better. I find that calmness and order in our home always makes me feel better, and DD and I sat and did homework together tonight, I cleaned the kitchen, tidied a lot, DH got the new router up and running, and things seem much calmer.

I'm scanning in a textbook chapter now, and am working out a new semester work schedule for myself tomorrow morning. I actually watched part of the football game tonight after watching the president's speech.

On the financial front, we received a new valuation on our house. The village said it would come three months ago, and here it is! I suspected it might drop with local property values, and it did, though only $5000.

I've updated the mortgage stats and should probably update retirement fund numbers, but that can wait a little bit.

1 Responses to “Better End to the Day”

  1. Jerry Says:

    That didn't lead to too bad of a hit on the valuation, good for you! I wish I had a little insurance of catching the Pack-Saints game, but it didn't start until 3:30am over here, and I was fast asleep. (I'd only get up that early for a Pats game in the NFL, and it would need to be a good one!) Smile Jerry

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