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Hit the Wall

September 8th, 2011 at 02:32 pm

Man alive, I hit the wall today. Yesterday's onslaught of students all with various problems, tons of work to do, some odd swollen lymph node, DH tremendously distracted by computer hardware issues, his job anxiety, house looks like a hurricane hit it--eek.

I ran to the university to upload and scan first chapters of my textbooks, since students invariably order them cheaper and shipping is delayed. I'll bet I had 45 students e-mailing me telling me they couldn't do the first assignments because they had no book. That only took about 90 minutes, but on the way home I was listening to NPR--particularly a story about a woman who lost her twin brother on 9/11, and I just started bawling. Her grief was so deep and so affecting.

Then I had a conversation with a good friend who can't meet me for my birthday this year. It's really stupid, but I felt horrible about it. And I woke up at 4:30 this morning unable to sleep, so I'm zombie-ish anyway.

All this led to a huge outburst of emotion and exhaustion. After working for hours, I fell asleep in the living room chair, and feel much better. What the heck? I hope this isn't a foretaste of the semester to come!

2 Responses to “Hit the Wall”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    What a way to start!

    I've been hearing a lot of 9/11 on NPR, and it's just gut-wrenching.

  2. PauletteGoddard Says:

    I had a swollen lymph gland after oil-pulling with coconut oil for three days. It went away soon after.

    Teachers have such a forced rush of activity at the beginning of the school year! I feel for you.

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