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Them Apples

October 1st, 2011 at 03:51 pm

I've begun to tackle the magnificent pile of apples picked the other day. I made cranberry apple crisp for us and apple cake to take to a housecleaning party tomorrow.
We've been busy little fall bunnies here--DH put up half the storm windows, I cleared downed tree branches, made soup, did laundry, and cleared up vast piles of paper. Then I graded papers. All this while listening to the Brewers beat the Diamondbacks. Man, I love baseball. My parents were both baseball fanatics; my mother used to hide behind the sofa when bad relief pitchers came to the mound. I end up spending lots of time explaining it to DH, but much of it, I suspect, goes right by him. That is exactly what happens when he does cricket play-by-plays for me.

It's cold here so a warm house with lovely food seems the best thing that could happen in my world right now. Oh, and my second job check came. Very satisfying day indeed.

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