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Productive but Fun Weekend

May 21st, 2012 at 08:06 am

I did my second documentation class Friday night. I'm continually amazed at how bad students' search engine and vocab skills are. We spent a long time discussing how to get the best results from a filtered library search. I've committed to one more class there, but may do another if it seems necessary.

Saturday was all about errands and cleaning. I sold (wow!) three books, including unused texts, clearing over $150 so they had to go to the Post Office, I shopped, and then we had some old friends over for dinner. I really enjoy their company, so it was very fun.

Yesterday after church DD and I worked on a class project about local businesses, and I spent a couple hours sewing a wolf costume for her upcoming play. I am not a good seamstress, but it was very forgiving fabric so it turned out well, despite my sewing.
Then a long walk.

I have an evening Mysteries class tonight, and our British friends arrive tomorrow, so I have lots of things to attend to!

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