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Halfway through Spring Break

March 25th, 2010 at 03:54 am

And I can't say I've had a relaxing time--it's mostly been catching up with grading, class prep, and those mountains of laundry and paperwork.

We've had a spend-y month too--between our house guests and seemingly thousands of small expenses. I did some course evaluation work for another university and picked up a few$--but it flew out of my wallet quickly.

I have managed to polish off a couple of books including the new Nick Hornby--which I liked. I also started the taxes, but not liking how it was looking, I've saved the file and will peek back into them this weekend.

And not surprisingly--our house stays cleaner when I'm at work more!

Spring? Break

March 19th, 2010 at 09:30 pm

Just in time for my spring break to begin, the 60degree temps are over and they're predicting (ugh) snow for tonight.

I've begun my spring break by cleaning, selling odds and ends on ebay, and taking 12 books to the library for their Friends booksale.

We've also started to plan some summer getaways including a trip to Boston and Cape Cod with some British friends. I got a great deal on a hotel on Hotwire which I love again. But my frugality has been stymied with my almost useless airline miles. We have way too many on both American and Delta, but find we can't use them on any of the dates we want for anywhere near a decent rate.

I think Delta has gotten much worse since the NWA merger with their miles/per seat. I'm ready to trade in the airline credit card for a cash back one.

Say goodbye to winter!

Busy busy busy

March 3rd, 2010 at 06:56 pm

Work is very busy, and my budget has been stretched by two weeks worth of English house guests who ate and drank everything in the house while not even bringing a hostess gift. I guess they think it's THEIR English castle.

So, now my house is again a mess, I'm way behind at work, and to save some time, picked up meatloaf mixture at the local grocers last night. I baked it right away, but it was spoiled or something. Even mt DH who will eat anything won't eat it.

Bah--need to get caught up!