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Lovely Day

March 27th, 2014 at 11:56 pm

It's been another rewarding and satisfying day. I took 17 American students to Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms today, one of my favorite activities. Just the journey there makes me happy. It's all become automatic: which tube there, what to point out to them along the way, which streets to take, and where to escape for coffee afterwards.

I wonder what we teach high school students about WW2? Virtually none of mine had ever heard of "The Blitz," none knew Churchill had an American mother, and many, unbelievably, never knew that the war in Europe started before Pearl Harbor.
But now they do, so I guess they get there eventually.

After their tour and the museum visit, they went back to their later classes, and I took a walk through St James Park which was in full flower, swans swimming and all that. What could be better? I had lunch at the Farmers' Market behind the University of London Union, then spent an hour catching up on school chores, checked out the half price books but reminded myself how full my suitcases will be and how much books weigh.

I got groceries and went home for an afternoon nap to try to kick my week-long cough, and will now grade my online class for a bit.

I've got two weeks left in London and want to spend a few days just walking around, both to favorite places and a few news ones. Or I might just not go.

London Update

March 14th, 2014 at 02:15 pm

I'm still here in Londontown. Since I've last checked in DH and DD have been here and gone, I've been to Prague with students and to (glorious) Nice with a friend. I will never ever complain again. It's been grand and glorious and wonderful.

And the weather this spring has been glorious. I've been very very busy, trying to juggle four classes, four preps, and my freelance project evaluation.

So, I'm off to do some grocery shopping.
London prices are still just staggering, and truth be told, I've sort of abandoned the idea of living in London itself. Even diehard Londoners are cringing at the price of property. But a smaller city might still work for us.

I've got a friend joining me here for a week starting tomorrow, so I expect my expenses will go up a bit this week. Except for France, I've been very frugal, packing lunches and bringing coffee most days. DH and DD will be back in four weeks. They are faring well as is his job. But I miss them a lot.

But it's been glorious--so much art, so much walking, some many quirky wonderful things. More later on interesting and depressing shows on food insecurity (not mine!) here in the land of London billionaires.