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SA Bad Influences!

June 26th, 2014 at 09:23 pm

Yesterday I set off for Target, mindful of Chicago Laura's willpower sticking to her Target list. But yet another SA blogger tripped me up. Before I left, I checked my last Target receipt to see if anything was on sale worthy of a price adjustment. And after I dutifully completed my Target shop, I found CB in the City's absent mindedness had crept my way. I'd driven to target without my wallet: no ID, no driver's license, no credit cards. So I bought nothing and drove home.

About to rectify this error, double-checking wallet and hoping willpower outs.

One Class Down

June 25th, 2014 at 02:19 pm

My pick-up comp class ended last night. I have no complaints about it at all, and we did some great work. Despite losing half my students to attrition, all seven who ended will pass. And their writing is significantly better. They were supposed to come into class with their work completed last night; but I was there with them for over four hours, helping them finish.

I talked DH into going out for a margarita at 10pm to celebrate. The bartender foisted lots of free food on us as they close at midnight and were throwing it out at the end of the night. So, for $12 I came home with chipotle salsa and enough taco fillings for lunch and dinner today. I left her a nice tip.

That was my entire spending for the day except for refilling my gas tank. Now, off to brave Target, close my Chase savings, and write a new syllabus for fall.

Maybe Better News?

June 24th, 2014 at 05:26 pm

I received an estimate from the periodontist about the insurance charges. I was thinking it would be 5K since that's last time's damage. But they seem to believe insurance will cover all but $500. Do I believe that? Not sure. If it were true, I'd be happy and relieved.

But now I'm a little stuck. I'd happily start investigating bathroom remodeling if I was $4500 richer. But I suspect I won't know for sure until the surgery at the end of July. And it would be fabulous to have the bathroom done before school begins in the fall.

DD is off camping with church until the end of the week, and it's quiet and empty here. I hope to get a lot of work done while she's gone, and need to start planning her birthday events.

My last-minute class is actually over tonight, but I start a literature class next week. I've taught that one a dozen times, so I'm prepared. Man, the public schools here do an amazingly horrible job of teaching writing. It's such a critical skill, and it's depressing to see how poorly the 'average" student emerges. Have any of you seen or are planning to see that new movie on student loans? Now there's a depressing fact. The NYT magazine had a great article on the situation last week; I recommend it.

Budget All Gummed Up

June 19th, 2014 at 01:11 am

While I was out teaching last night, the periodontist called with an opening for my initial check. He got me in two weeks early, which is good news, sadly, the only good news.

It looks like oral surgery with a bone graft in at least one spot. It's disappointing because I've been SO diligent, but he was very kind, assuring me that it wasn't my fault, but likely due to my bad gum genes. There are other spots that are bad as well, but he's doing less invasive procedures there.

I'm waiting for a call back within a couple of days to get the insurance estimate. I'm not sure how much they'll pay, but several years ago when I had the hated Humana insurance, I paid $5K out of pocket. The surgery is scheduled for late July. What joy.

Hmm--other news? I found 2 cents in the period parking lot. DD and DH swam last night, but the pool was closed due to our torrential rain today.

In a fit of frustration I cleaned the refrigerator and made quiche from verging-on-dubious leftovers. It was very good. Now, back to pouting.

To Pool or Not to Pool?

June 16th, 2014 at 05:38 pm

The season pass which starts today at the municipal pool costs $180 for a family membership. DD is very eager, but we can also spend $14/day for one parent and her. It's a close call, but I think we're going for it. I'd like us both outside more all summer, and this way I won't have the cash hesitancy. I'm always grumbling when we go for 45 minutes or less, but with the membership, we could go all the time.

I guess if we're going to buy one, today is the day.

A small but nice snowflake floated into the mailbox as our insurance finally reimbursed DH's flu shot. I'll drop that $30 in the bank on the way to the pool.

It's was a World Cup dominated weekend here, despite England's loss, we enjoyed the "footie" very much.

Not much other spending, but we need to watch the grocery budget a bit more.


June 11th, 2014 at 06:42 pm

It's 52 degrees here and has been pouring since 6 a.m.
From my original enrollment of 15, three people showed up for class last night.
My last half-hearted stab at dieting ended rather spectacularly with DH's birthday cake last night.

To combat this malaise, I'm going to the library to avoid being sucked into Swagbucks, leftover cake, or continuing e-mails with past London students who are also sniveling about missing London. It's a snivel-fest here.

Let's see what joy I can find at the library.

Maddeningly Slow

June 9th, 2014 at 06:19 pm

Wow, I'm adding $2.50 to my bathroom fund from an ebay sale. Not sure that would even buy toilet tissue for the bath, but it's there. In slightly more exciting news, I'm taking on a one-night tutoring gig in July for $100.

It was an inexpensive weekend for us. DH is really concentrating on his class, and I spent time in the garden and around the house. DD went camping with the Girl Scouts. Our only major spending was a plant for the neighbors' anniversary party and the rest of the money ($225) for DD's upcoming Apostle Islands trip. She'll need a few things for that including a camping mattress and a Nalgene water bottle. I'm looking around for places to borrow the mattress.

I also picked up furniture from another friend for my returning-from-Germany friend. She's got quite a pile of it stashed in our basement now.

DD has three more days of school left. I will be very happy to sleep in with her, and we'll both be happy to be rid of her English teacher. I could say a lot more, but I won't.

Looks like a lazy June so far. Tomorrow is DH's birthday, but I have to teach in the evening. I'll make something special for he and DD to have for dinner while I'm out. Now I'm out to an estate sale for a bit.

Smallish Setbacks and Smallish Triumphs

June 5th, 2014 at 03:33 pm

Unfortunately, the setbacks are bigger than the triumphs. My evening job is revamping their capstone project for business majors. This means they will no longer write capstones, eliminating about $75/month for my reading fees. Ugh. Plus I got to spend 90 minutes driving there and back in traffic to hear this good news. Capstones will continue for liberal arts majors as well as in the social sciences.

Tiny triumphs included selling a book, using some nice doubled coupons, and the Girl Scouts deciding we don't need a mess kit for DD's weekend camping. All that probably saved/made $30.

Our fun artsy next-door neighbors are celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend and have invited us to the party. Any one have a cute idea for an inexpensive but interesting gift?

Found Money

June 1st, 2014 at 07:18 pm

It's been a productive enough weekend. I had a great time garage saling for items for my US-bound friend. We got her many things off her list: A tremendous doll house bargain for her daughter, a Brita pitcher, two matching bedside lamps, placemats, a winter jacket for her DD, a great glass bowl, a magazine rack, and other misc. stuff. The bargain of the day was the dollhouse. It retails for around $200, was in perfect shape, and the folks sold it to us for $40, throwing in the winter jacket. All in all, we spent $65, and we were both pleased. And done by noon.

But my found money came from my own guest room where we found $40 in Target gift cards. Some of them were Christmas gifts, others earned from Target offers. They came at a good time, because try as I might, I couldn't get everything I needed for the garden for $75. I only spent $75.26, but still need more potting soil and a few other things which I'll try to pick up from Target.

We watched "In Bruges" last night, which I really enjoyed. The language was a bit crude, but they were Hit men after all.

I hope to get the back gardens squared away today and tomorrow. And I met my SB goal all month, so I'm looking forward to those bonuses.

Happy June!