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A Little Bonus

June 27th, 2016 at 09:46 pm

A couple more things occurred to me as I continue scavenging for cash to boost the balances. I had a meeting at the university this morning and dropped a few things off at my office beforehand. Ah--much to my delight I found the $44 I'd won with my trivia folks in May. I spent $3 on iced coffee, but the additional $40 went into checking. We also have a couple offers from Chase Bank and BMO Harris for $200 bonus on $10,000 for 90 days. I can transfer some cash from long-term savings to cover that, and we'll use the cash when it rolls in later. It won't ease any current crunch, but it something we should do. I've also encouraged my paid-by-the hour DH to work an extra hour or two for the next few weeks. He usually works 38 or 39, and they don't want him working over 40, but I'd like him to hit that upper limit.

I've yet to file the claim for the CSA rebate with my health insurance folks, but that's on my list next. Still thinking...

All the Low-Hanging Fruit

June 25th, 2016 at 07:21 pm

My scavenging has paid off, but I'd dearly like to find another $500, so the scavenging will continue. Except for a massive five-item grocery list, everything this week will be from the cupboard or freezer. Maybe I can do this in $25 increments and get some decluttering done at the same time.

My daughter learned a valuable lesson yesterday at Starbucks with some friends. Her drink didn't come and in her adolescent shyness, she was a bit scared to speak up--something she never is around here. but she texted me (isn't this odd?), and I gave her a script of what to say to the cashier. She got her drink, a free cookie, and a $5 gift card. Lesson learned; speak up for yourself.

Still Scavenging

June 24th, 2016 at 01:35 am

Bless the flex folks; the first $400 came today with another $100 on the way. I returned my husband's Father's Day fitbit as he was not at all thrilled. I checked my gift closet and found a birthday gift that I'd bought in London for a friend's birthday and returned the other gift I just bought. I sold an outgrown dress of DD's for $3 (not too impressive, but still), and realized that I hadn't swept the Chase cash back rebates onto the bill for a while. I had $65, and DH is checking his now. The editing contract came today. I cashed another $25 out of Swagbucks and now have $250-ish ready to transfer to checking.

We're watching the Brexit votes come in; it should be an exciting evening.

Money Scavenger Hunt

June 22nd, 2016 at 08:50 pm

Readers may recall that several weeks ago the dog tore her CCL, and we were investigating non-surgical therapy. Alas, she completely tore it and is now one week post surgery. It does seem my checking account could use some surgical enhancement as well. Yes, it's my usual summer money angst, but now that DH has come home from his dad's funeral, we still have the airfare, the tree removal, the French camp, and now the dog surgery on the credit card bill. On top of that, DH had another job scare, but it appears all is well-ish, at least on that front.

So, where to find some cash without moving it from savings? I am indeed on a money scavenger hunt. Yesterday I discovered the ortho bills are being paid from my credit card, not my flex card. Ortho's financial people have NO idea why. So, today I've filed for reimbursement from the flex folks Count that as $500 when it appears. My health insurance promises $200 reimbursement for CSA membership. That's next on my to-do list. A textbook publisher has contacted me about some freelance editing, but that won't pay until October. Hmm. I've got about $200 rattling around in paypal, mostly from Swagbucks. I also have a few items to return. My summer teaching gig that starts next week doesn't pay until August/ September. I'll do what I can now and hope inspiration lands on my head.

June? Really?

June 1st, 2016 at 07:30 pm

I spent yesterday cooking for my recently hospitalized friend--making pulled pork and coleslaw and baking brownies and banana bread. We ate the same for dinner, and besides returning some library books and doing some laundry, didn't do much else. Happily it was a no-spending day as I hope today will also be.

I can't quite believe it's June 1. June always sneaks up on me as February or March never seem to do.

Today is office cleaning day, a bit more laundry, and packing for my weekend trip to the Twin Cities. I'd be a very happy gal if I can get the office straightened out, some pictures hung, and everything cleaned up in there.

Things are winding down for DD's last days at middle school, and DH is starting to prep for the trip to the UK. On the financial front, I've been in contact with the Education PhD candidate whose dissertation I've been editing. He's ready to go ahead, and although I think it's pretty weak, I'll just be doing the language edits and citation issues. The student's first language is not English which always complicates things. But I need the cash, and it's interesting work. I've also been offered a fall composition course at my adjunct university. I don't much like teaching composition, but again, we need the cash. If our five-year plan is to move to the UK, get the kiddo through the university, and have a two-continent retirement, there's lots of savings to be done.