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I want, I want, I want...

June 25th, 2008 at 05:24 am

Just when we found out we need to do about $5000 worth of work in the basement, I get a bad case of the "I wants."

I want
a nice vacation
a new dresser/chest of drawers
a nice bed and mattress
Central A/C

Now of course, I could buy all of that with the money we HAVE to spend on the basement, but I need to get inventive about what I want (none of this is particularly necessary) and what's actually affordable.

But we've been living with a mismatched bedroom, pretty badly mismatched at that, since we've been married and DH's bed joined my furniture with an IKEA dresser on the side. The bed is a European king size, which is unbelievably different than an American or British King size, so our sheets don't fit and the mattress is just plain worn out.

Now if I could get my vacation with airmiles, find an estate sale dresser, and some sort of bargain on A/C, well, maybe I could actually do some of this.

So, my last ebay sales have been lousy, so I scrounged up more unnecessary books to sell, and am trying to think of ways to make up the difference.

Man, I feel like I'm a whiny little brat today!

My questions for the day

June 19th, 2008 at 03:28 pm

I'm trying to get a mental handle on how much various budgetary items cost.

Any one know the answers to these?

1. How much does an average electric dryer cost to operate for 1 hour?

2. What's the average food budget for a family of three?

3. Do those new tankless hot water heaters pay off?

4. How long does the average GM car last?

5. What's the best place to buy cheap laser printer paper?

I could probably sit down and figure these all out, but it's a quick inventory of what's spinning in my brain. Anyone know the answers to these?

more junk out the door

June 18th, 2008 at 04:01 pm

Today is start-over day.
I just found out that my one-week summer class had inadequate enrollment and so has been canceled. And I had to prepay for childcare for that week so I'm out of pocket on that one. Very discouraging, but will have to find ways to make that week work somehow.

But I am slowly dejunking. Someone came to pick up the booster seat I've freecycled, and am getting rid of DD's doll high chair the same way since my Craigslist stuff rarely sells. Three of the five e-bay items from last week sold, and I've listed some more.

I forecast a poorer but less cluttered summer.


June 9th, 2008 at 09:46 pm

I've cleaned out DD's dresser and some things are going right on to ebay while others are bound for freecycle.

The ebay items I have listed are (mostly) selling, and I sold a book this weekend too.

Except for the staggeringly high airline ticket I bought for DH to go to England in August, it's been a NS day. But man, do I miss $500 plane tickets. We're sending him alone since $1300x3 is just too awful to contemplate.

Record rain all around here so we're grateful we're not buying sump pumps or chain saws to cut up the trees that litter the streets.

Starting the Summer of Savings and Fun!

June 5th, 2008 at 04:12 pm

On Sunday I made a quick jaunt to an estate sale, but went back Monday to buy some things when they went half price. My daughter was thrilled with the 50cent Disney videos, and I bought virtually untouched Penguin classic books--stuff from Aristotle to George Eliot, all for 25 cents each.

Since I already owned most of these, I listed them on Amazon, and three have already sold. So inspired by that little success, I'm doing more ebay listings today.

We'd like to take a little trip to the Pacific NW this summer, and I'd be thrilled to fund a night or two of it with these small sales.

If only I could sell the rainwater that's been pouring down her all morning!

Back to the Blog

June 5th, 2008 at 01:33 am

Since school let out, I've been admittedly lazy and spending too much. We had British guests for 10 days who were here as the British economic stimulus package for the US.
Just as we were complaining about $4 gas, they reminded us petrol is about $10 a gallon in the UK. We had lots of fun though, and spent more than we had for months--mostly on eating out and traveling.

So, it's back to reality time.
I've moved all the gift cards to the front of my wallet, hoping to use them instead of cash for a while.
And our local grocery had a great 10% bonus if you bought a gift card with your stimulus check or direct deposit. Plus they topped it off with a reusable bag, eggs, milk, and bread.

Summer resolutions about to be enacted.
Wish me luck!