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I've Gone Red

February 10th, 2011 at 07:52 pm

I've gone red, and not just for valentine's Day. I got the Target Red card today, and I'm feeling really glad about it. We spend at least $100/month at Target. We own Target stock. I love Target, despite its sometimes flaws.

As I blogged yesterday, I volunteered to do the Target shop for a colleague with a seriously ill child. They're overloaded and overwhelmed, and another colleague has set up a site through "Lotsa Helping Hands" to organize volunteering. I cleaned a few weeks ago and will make dinner soon, but I needed to go to Target and this seemed like a double-duty opportunity.

Unlike yesterday's bad grocery shopping trip, today's Target shop was one of those rare experiences where everything seemed to go right. I had manufacturers' coupons, Target coupons, rebates, etc. I remembered to get TurboTax, everything was in stock, most of my list was on sale; it was fabulous. We spent about $100/each so saved $10 total with the red card, plus got exceptionally good buys on most everything.

I'm a walking advert for Target today.

4 Responses to “I've Gone Red”

  1. jewels3 Says:

    I love seeing my total come down after I use my Target card. We also get our prescrips at Target and get a 5% coupon after 5 refills, so combined with the Target discount, that's 10% off.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I went with the Red Card, too, back in January. I love the savings.

  3. newlyfrugal Says:

    I just opened a debit Red Card last night and am completely excited about it. Saved $4 that I didn't need to clip coupons for or buy only sale items. Yeah for both of us!

  4. My English Castle Says:

    Happy Red Cards! My husband is pretty tired of hearing me talk about it, but I am glad!

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