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A little bit spendy

April 4th, 2011 at 08:21 pm

No big deal today, but DD's school bus was late, which meant I had to park nearby the U and pay for parking or be late to class. And I ate a little too much, schlepped around a little too much, and didn't feel very productive today. Guess I need a long bath and a good night's sleep.

We started our taxes on Saturday but I'm short a 1099 from the publisher I did some editing for this summer. I've e-mailed them, but have heard nothing.

I did manage to fill a big bag of stuff for the women's shelter, give one of DD's outgrown jackets to the dept secretary, and haul the plates to my office for another colleague.

Bigger better things tomorrow. One of my co-workers said she was having the "hamster caught in the wheel" sort of month, and I know the feeling. But I'm caught up on my evening class grading, have tomorrow planned, so here's to a more satisfying tomorrow.

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