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More Juggling In Store

September 26th, 2017 at 08:10 pm

Last night at my adjunct class I learned my next session which would start in late October has been canceled due to low enrollment. I think they're going through some tough times there, and I'm not all that surprised. It's not-for-profit, but it is private. So that income--always headed for my big goal-- is gone until my next scheduled session in March. I have mixed feelings, I guess. My regular classes keep me plenty busy, but I like the demographic and the extra cash certainly helps. But I also like being home weeknights to work on house stuff, spend time with my family, and do extra school work. I didn't say anything yet about their security issues, but will still voice my concerns.

In happier news I had a lovely weekend in Chicago with my BFF. We played hipster in Logan Square, ate at great places, drank good beer and fun cocktails, and in last weekend's heat went back downtown for a boat ride on the river and lake. It was a very fun weekend, and my BFF always makes me feel so much better. Not too spendy with a great airbnb and the just the train ticket.

The forecast is for cooler weather tomorrow so I'll roast more tomatoes when I get home from the university--and maybe even do some ironing.

5 Responses to “More Juggling In Store”

  1. laura Says:

    "Hipster in Logan Square"! Love it. Spent a lot of time there in my youth since my grandparents lived there (when it wasn't cool). And just last night E's soccer team played against Lane Tech and he was in Logan Park. Glad you had a good time. M is coming home for Columbus Day weekend and we were contemplating having her take the train, but decided to make a day of it and she can bring laundry and summer clothes and we send her back with more food things. Sorry to hear about the class being cancelled, but sounds you'll fare easier with less classwork to be on top of. Smile

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Hi Laura. Hope M is doing well here in Cheeseland. Do give her my details if she needs anything. My first husband's grandma (got that?) lived on Medill Street when it wasn't hipster. It was funny being there now it's cool.

  3. laura Says:

    It's going well! I actually go days without talking to her (Poor me, Happy her!) and she went to a farmers market on Saturday or Sunday with her suite mate. She's looking for a church and I think that the one I have received for recommendations is smallish and Dutch-Reformed (that's fine) but she hasn't gone yet. I'm still planning on meeting up with her for lunch on day during the week and maybe we could meet up then?

  4. My English Castle Says:

    Yeah, that would be fun. I'll bet she goes to the Shorewood Farmers' Market on Sundays. She should def go to the Milwaukee Film Festival in the upcoming weeks. great independent films.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry for the loss of that class, but maybe the extra time is what you need at home in the evenings.

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