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Cheap Week So Far!

September 19th, 2019 at 03:35 pm

It's Thursday--the end of my teaching week. There's plenty to do tomorrow and Saturday, but some of the classroom pressure is off. I've been recovering from a cold/cough thing that I blame on students coughing on me, but I think I probably have some fall mold allergies.
That's made me sleepy, but I've been making coffee at home, eating lunch either from home or at home, and we've been eating from the fridge with little shopping.

The CSA box is at its fullest this time of year. DD and I carried in two bags full of tomatoes, corn, squash, onions, potatoes, kohlrabi and peppers. I think it's BLTs and corn again. I did make a batch of ratatouille, but it was a bit bitter from the eggplant. This week's eggplant will be Parmesan instead.

Our one expense this week has been a garbage disposal replacement. DH tried to fix it, but broke off the wrench in the pipe and it was shot--leaking everywhere. Glad to have it fixed. The repair guy told me a funny story about his wife's BFF who dumped an entire box of instant mashed potatoes down the disposal. Apparently it was quite the ordeal to clean that mess out.

I've updated my big goal numbers--not a lot of progress there. Little bits from Swagbucks. Oh, and despite my protests last spring, have agreed to teach at my adjunct gig in late October--and then their January term. It's a little too much work, but the prospect of DD's uni fees next year continue to motivate her old mom.

Pheww, Getting Back to Some Semblance of Order

September 8th, 2019 at 02:29 pm

Hey! I actually can cross off an item that's been on my goals list for years. Our painters have come and gone (with a chunk of cash), and we really love the look of the family room. It's an interesting room; it started life as an attached double garage which the previous owners transformed into a large family room with cedar wainscoting and a knotty pine ceiling and exposed beams.

It's always been the center of our family life but the berber carpet was awful and the wood was just too darn dark. So while we've left the beams their original wood, the ceiling and wainscoting are white and the walls are a sort of duck egg blue. We've moved most of the furniture back in and are re shelving books, attaching new switch plate covers and trying to decide which furniture and artwork will stay and what will go.

It looks so fresh. I'm so happy to have it done.

In other news, I edited a thesis early in the week and am awaiting payment. Classes are going full speed, and now the planning for spring scheduling begins. Tomorrow night DD and I are off to a class on writing college essays. So much happening so it's especially good to feel a bit more organized.

Back to School for All of Us

September 3rd, 2019 at 06:44 pm

Well, this is quite the day. My daughter started her senior year today, I tackled yet another set of classes, and my DH is at his evening history class with the cheery title" Genocide, Mass Murder, and Ethnic Cleansing."

Our family room painters came today and have now primed everything. We would paint ourselves, but it's a very high vaulted ceiling.

Lots to do this week. First weeks are SO busy.