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June 9th, 2008 at 09:46 pm

I've cleaned out DD's dresser and some things are going right on to ebay while others are bound for freecycle.

The ebay items I have listed are (mostly) selling, and I sold a book this weekend too.

Except for the staggeringly high airline ticket I bought for DH to go to England in August, it's been a NS day. But man, do I miss $500 plane tickets. We're sending him alone since $1300x3 is just too awful to contemplate.

Record rain all around here so we're grateful we're not buying sump pumps or chain saws to cut up the trees that litter the streets.

1 Responses to “Purging”

  1. Petunia Says:

    Sounds like you're making good progress. Good work with your Ebay/Amazon stuff! Smile

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