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Dental pain in the pocket

September 4th, 2008 at 07:13 pm

I just got the happy news from my dentist that many of my silver fillings need replacement, that I need a crown, and as a result of bad orthodontia years ago, one of my teeth is on the move--meaning a bridge and maybe veneers.

He'd like to do lots of work--ending up with a grand total of over $10,000. This may be spread over some time, but I'm currently wondering whether bank robbery might be the answer.

Somehow my small economies at the grocery store and ebay sales feel very paltry.

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  1. Myrtle Says:

    I don't know what to think about the denist office!!! About three years ago, I was told that one of my molars that had been filled quite a few years ago was cracked. They just went ahead and scheduled me an appointment to have it crowned. No questions, and no alternatives. Then the office girl told me how much I would need to pay out of pocket. I needed to pay about $380.00 and the insurance would pick up the rest. I about had a heart attack. When I went home and thought about it, I decided to cancel the appointment. The tooth did not hurt and I did not see a problem myself. They mentioned it for the next two cleaning appointments and each time I would answer them, that, "No, it did not hurt at all". Well, fast forward to a month ago, and they said I had a tooth that needed re-filled. Scheduled the appointment, and discoverd it was the very same tooth in question!! They removed the old silver filling and replaced it with a nice looking white filling. Total I paid was $74.00. Now why didn't they tell me three years ago that there was a much better alternative to a crown??? Saved me about $300.00 and the tech did a wonderful job!!

  2. Finch Says:

    Always be wary of dentists- my Dad's worked with and for them for 40 years - he makes bridges and crowns. They always overcharge and very often are 'creative' with their diagnosis.

    I mean.. $10, 000!? The work would cost him $100 - $300 to get made, so he would be earning .. $9, 700 for fixing on you.. HMMM.

  3. Nika Says:

    I assume you don't have dental insurance? Can you research and buy the best one before you have all this work done (I don't think they have the same rules about pre-existing conditions as health insurance plans). It is something to investigate.

    I had my first root-canal and crown done (Took 3 visits. It was due to the damage under the badly done silver filling from a bad dentist)
    I ended up paying $32 out of pocket.
    I think the insurance was charged something like $700 for the whole thing.
    And just a replacement of the silver filling also I think only costs $250 or something like that to the insurance company. And this is from an excellent Manhattan dentist.
    I think this is a lot of money. You have to take care of your teeth no matter what (It will only get more expensive if you postpone) But you may want to investigate insurance options. And ask all your friends if they have a dentist they would highly recommend.

  4. my english castle Says:

    Yeah--some of it is because of the bad ortho years ago--and every dentist I've been to says the same about replacing 10 silver fillings. But I'm going to do this in small increments, and get supplemental dental insurance beginning next year. The state coverage from my employer tops out at $1000/yr, so it'll be a gradual process.

    I had to report a previous dentist for double billing, so I'm pretty careful about their charges.
    I appreciate the encouragement from all of you, and I promise to watch them like a hawk.

  5. HELPmeFriend Says:

    Don't rob a bank, just tell them no to the root canal and crown. I have never heard of someone having a good experience with a crown. The same thing is likely to happen to it that happened to the filling.
    Dentures is way cheaper than $10,000. I know that you want to keep your real teeth, and so do I, but I won't go that far. I guess we'll see when I am in your boat. I have had a ton of dental work done since I popped teeth out, but mostly, when the tooth is that bad, I have them pull it. It costs $100.

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