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Some Good News

January 23rd, 2009 at 03:56 am

Besides not spending even a slim dime today, the word has come down that I may get my full load of teaching after all.

That means about another $5K so that that would make me very very happy. Cross your fingers and say your prayers that it actually happens.

I got an offer from a publisher today to do a textbook review for $150, and finally the conference reimbursement showed up, so it's been a very rich day.

And I pushed myself back onto the treadmill after a week off. I'm also as happy about that as about the money.

3 Responses to “Some Good News”

  1. Analise Says:

    That is great news! Will the full-time teaching also result in full benefits? Hope it works out for you.

  2. my english castle Says:

    Even without my fourth class, I'd get FT benefits, but this full-time load does help contribute more to my pension plan. I am happy about it!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Excellent news!! Sending good money vibes your way.

    Good job getting back on the treadmill. I hopped off for awhile, too.

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