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Is it still January?

January 28th, 2009 at 10:21 pm

Inspired by a bunch of you, I deposited some money in my Roth IRA today. Only another $250 and I'm still catching up with 2008, but I feel like I need more than 25K in the emergency fund. That gets me about halfway to my 2008 goal.

No new news--spent a bit on groceries and mailed by textbook sale. One ebay auction expired without a sale, but the other already has bids.

I'm thinking about doing the taxes this weekend. Anyone else?

2 Responses to “Is it still January?”

  1. Caoineag Says:

    Just finished my taxes. Was surprised I got all the forms early this year.

  2. mom-sense Says:

    I just e-filed less than an hour ago. I don't think I have ever been done this early in the year before!

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