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I think I'm getting compulsive

February 19th, 2009 at 06:00 pm

First, the Ebay good news. An item I'd previously listed sold this morning for $14.05, so I'm adding that to my total.

I decided against walking a half mile in the -10 windchill this morning, but chose the cheaper metered parking by the university, rather than the underground. I figured I saved $2 doing that, plus my epidermis remains intact.

Now on to my compulsion: I'm visiting NYC next week with some friends. I started out at a nice Manhattan hotel for $149, but two weeks ago found a comparable one with breakfast for $133. The rates dropped again on quikbook, so I canceled and rebooked it at $123, which includes breakfast. The hotel website says they guarantee the cheapest prices, so I asked them to match or beat quikbook's rate, which they refused. Nice, huh?

So now the folks monitoring the hotels at are getting better hotels for under $100 through hotwire and priceline. I'm not sure whether I should just leave well enough alone, or shop some more. My friends are starting to think I'm compulsive, but????

Advice? Or any frugal advice for NYC?

6 Responses to “I think I'm getting compulsive”

  1. jenifer4000 Says:

    I would leave it alone. I've had friends with issues (e.g. no hotel or flight) using hotwire. Have fun!

  2. whitestripe Says:

    dont you get charged a fee for cancelling?

  3. lizajane Says:

    I haven't used any of those to do reservations, so I can't say, but I have driven myself crazy sometimes looking for the best, best price. It's nice to have the extra in your pocket, but at some point there is a tradeoff for the time/stress incurred chasing the best deal.

  4. my english castle Says:

    Nope, not on quikbook; No fee for canceling up to two days before. I've used priceline and hotwire before, so I'm fairly confident in them. I may give it one more shot over the weekend and then let it go.

  5. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Wow, I sometimes have to pay nearly that much in East-of-Nowhere Iowa, and you got Manhattan plus breakfast?! Great deal even if you don't get it under $100.

  6. my english castle Says:

    NYC is really cheap now. Really cheap. We checked some of these rooms when we started planning in October, and they were over $300. I guess it's the right time to go if you can afford it. I've checked out transit cards and airport transportation and except for our night at the Met, it's not a horrible splurge. I'm excited!

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