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Today's Mission: Money!

August 5th, 2009 at 04:24 am

Everyone in Wisconsin can thank me for the cool summer guaranteed by my purchase of Central Air earlier in the summer. I just found the rebate form sent by the installer and got that completed on line.

Today's mission will be to try to figure out the federal Energy Star rebate on that A/C. And list some ebay or textbook items. And transfer some money to DD's college fund. And mail my latest sales.

I'm ready to get our basement remodeling project rolling and have begun to find the motivation to pay for it!

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  1. Jerry Says:

    I think a good marketing ploy for AC would be a rebate for anyone if the temperature leads itself below a predetermined limit in the month of August! Well, it would be a good idea as long as there was insurance that it would be hot... otherwise they'd lose a load of money.

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