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Happy Car News!

January 19th, 2010 at 03:58 pm

I'll start with the good news. We've agreed on a deal on the used car we've been looking at. We pick it up on Thursday, and it's beautiful. Now for my rant: Why is buying a car from a dealer such a stupid, irritating farce? We offered them the same price last week, and the salesman did the huge melodrama routine with asking the manager, and we were crazy to think we could buy the car for that price. We were then about $1000 apart. Yet a week later, we're at the same price? All because we walked out? It's so inane!

On my decluttering front, there's plenty in the old car's trunk that can go. And I've sold another book and freecycled some of my mom's earrings.

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  1. monkeymama Says:

    Congrats on the new car!

    I always bought private part; dh always car dealership. So, he took me shopping for a car in the $5k range, and the dealers LAUGHED at us. The same place he bought his crappy car for $2k. Anyway, I went private party.

    When it came time to replace his car, we hit the dealerships, against my will. My *favorite* was a Toyota dealership. They were planning all these games - and really, no idea what they were trying to do. We liked one car, then they started talking us into another car. After HOURS, we decided to walk out to get some dinner. We weren't even walking out. We're just like - we need a break - going to Denny's across the street to talk. They started yelling at us as we walk out the lot. Dh and I look at each other and are like, "um, let's just go home." I mean, who needs that? We were shopping with $10k CASH!

    The funniest thing was that it was a Toyota dealership, and they yelled at us that we would end up with a *gasp* Ford!!! LOL. That was one of their "insults." The funny thing was, we did. The Ford dealership was way nice - it took less than an hour to drive off with our newer vehicle, and it's the best car we've ever owned. We were just talking about how we'd rather get a Ford than a Toyota next round (having had both). The quality has been comparable, but the Ford was considerably cheaper for the same thing.

    Anyway, we have since bought another car at a dealership - both were "one at this price" prior rentals. The salesman were sleazy and lied like crazy, but they were cars they just wanted to be rid of - so no hassle. I was just telling dh we should probably just buy from a rental company next time (his relatives do this all the time). Cut out the middle man. I still hate dealers.

    In 2001 & 2006, we learned they treat you like DIRT if you come in with cash and refuse to finance. (Talking, used cars in the $10k-$15k range). They simply didn't want your business. LAst time, we offered to finance some of it, to test out this theory (I paid it off the next day). They treated us like royalty. These days are a little different, I Would hope! I mean, the salesmen would just get PISSED that they couldn't talk us into more than we could afford. Why not - everyone else is doing it? Plus they get a bonus if you finance...

  2. M E 2 Says:

    My BIL must be the exception to the "they want you to finance" rule.

    He went to a dealarship, about 8-10 years ago, to buy a used car for my sister (his wife) (I am sure he's the one who went because if they had pulled any of the stuff mentioned by MEC or MM, my sister would have had a fit and I mean a fit) anyhow he found a car that he thought my sister would like but it was about double what he wanted to spend. The salesman was apologetic but there wasn't much he could do @@ blah-blah-blah...that was until my BIL mentioned that he only had $4k (cash) on him. Lo and behold the salesman was all too happy to sell him the car at that price. It has always been my understanding that MOST dealerships hate having to do all the paperwork that is involved with financing and they would in fact prefer it if people paid in cash.

  3. my english castle Says:

    The salesman WAS indeed slightly irritated that we wanted to pay cash. And this dealership also has luxury lines--Land Rover and Jaguar. I kept thinking how much folks were paying for the financing. It's a three-year-old used Volvo. We drove our present car, a Buick Regal to over 120K miles for seven years. I hope this one lasts that long!
    But the drama of it all!

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