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Busy busy busy

September 14th, 2010 at 05:01 am

Yep, this is the first full week of school for me--with four days of university teaching, plus my evening class tonight. The house, I'm sorry to say, does NOT run smoothly in my absence,-- and I'm still a little irritable about the babysitter situation. We won't see her for a while, but I fully intend on straightening things out with her.

So I'm busy: special events at DD's school, students wanting meetings, a presentation project, my promotion packet, and all the house stuff. It always takes DH a couple of months to switch from summer--when I do most of the housework, to fall--when I expect him to step up.

In light of all that, sometimes the best thing to do at the end of an unsatisfactory day is to take a bath and go to bed. Sounds like a plan!

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