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A Good Day at the Grocery Store

September 23rd, 2010 at 01:30 am

I frankly haven't had much time for diligent coupon use lately. If we HAVE groceries, it's a triumph. But I managed to pull it together today and did very well, mostly because of the double coupons. The checker rang everything up, then looked at me when he announced the total, and asked, "Can that be right?" More than half the stuff I bought was free--soup, crackers, snacks, yogurt, etc. I love it when it works and I can actually get to it.

No other money news to report--just trying to get through the week and catch up over the weekend. I've been working on decluttering, and I'll need to do some ebay listing pretty darn soon.

3 Responses to “A Good Day at the Grocery Store”

  1. Little L Says:

    Love it. I bought almost $14 worth of stuff at CVS yesterday for $0.80 plus tax and the tax was more than my subtotal. I love a baragin! Unfortunately we don't have double coupons here Frown

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    I just ate my lunch of pasta salad: free pasta and free salad dressing. Now snacking on free Chex Mix. I LOVE the double-take reactions you get from cashiers sometimes!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Free is good. Smile

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