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A Little Cash

September 27th, 2010 at 07:59 pm

We added a little cash to the coffers yesterday. My book club moderation paid $120, and except for the offering envelope at church we spent nothing.

Saturday's only expense was ANOTHER new pair of shoes for DD. She has outgrown all of her shoes, and we've purchased 4 new pair in the past month--PE shoes for school, one casual pair, school shoes, and new slippers. And she still needs dressy shoes. I freecycled a bunch of her old shoes, but I've got a bag of outgrown sandals and more to give away.

School is so busy right now, I'm missing bargains right and left, but until my eight-week class is over, that's going to be the story. I barely have time to sleep, eat, grade, and do some class prep.

It's been chilly here--my car temp read 40 degrees this morning, but we've held off on the heat so far. Long may it last!

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