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IKEA Damage

October 3rd, 2010 at 08:46 pm

Looking at our list yesterday, I estimated $500. We needed a bunch of bookshelves, a desk for DH's new office, storage, and then there's the usual IKEA flotsam that creeps into my cart. I was $46 off and exhausted when we got home. But DH has already started setting up his home office, and his former bookcases have migrated to our daughter's room.

All of that assembling inevitably means unwanted junk is more apparent. DD has outgrown a dollhouse and tons of books which I've just listed on freecycle.

After the shopping shock, it's been quiet but busy. My week's goal is to move lots of this stuff out of here--either through the garbage, freecycle, or the charity shop. Organization beckons.

I've got a long-cooking beef roast in the oven, and it smells heavenly here. We also managed without turning the heat on last night, despite the 35degree temps. I love fall!

2 Responses to “IKEA Damage”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    I always spend way too much at Ikea. But, I just love their stuff and the closest store is 115 miles away, so I rationalize it by thinking I need to get it now because I don't know when I will be back!

  2. librarylady Says:

    I can just imagine how the roast must smell. Thanks for the reminder. I will have to cook one soon.
    I love fall too!

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