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An Archeological Dig

May 25th, 2011 at 08:06 pm

That's what my home office is--a dig site. Everything gets thrown in here when I'm doing an emergency clean, I got tons of my mom's stuff in here, the dog's crate, and so many books, I'd rather not discuss them.

My cast-off books aren't worth much on Amazon, so I'm torn between donating them to our local library or dumping off a load at Half-Price books. But I've made a big bag, mostly of once-read novels and books I used to teach, but will never again. I moved our "travel" section downstairs, have found a new owner for the fax machine and the toddler bed, but I must admit, it's still too full and a little depressing.

I'm going to take a break, head to the grocery store,and start again after dinner tonight.

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