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Grading, Grading, Grading

December 7th, 2011 at 02:55 am

I've been reading student drafts all day. By 5pm, I had a killer headache. Student writing is worse than a clunk on the noggin.
But I've also managed to knock off a few things around the house,revamp DH's CV, and read and edit two capstone projects, But there are more invitations to ibuprofen in my inbox, so I foresee another two hours ahead of me.
I have spent nothing except $15.40 at the vet's office to get the dog's stitches removed. I probably could've done it myself! But I'm happy to report she's fine and perkier than ever. She has been released from the cone of shame and is buzzing around the house like a puppy.

I long to shop, bake, and relax, but I've got another week or so like this. Head down, full speed ahead.

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