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Break Done

March 26th, 2012 at 11:26 am

No, not a break down, just the realization this morning that my break is done. I wish I could say it was well balanced with fun and work, but frankly, there was way too much work. I finished up my grading this morning.

We did get some major items addressed. Although his final bid isn't it, we've decided on a window replacement company. Compared to the three other ones we spoke with, this company got top ratings on Angieslist, they were very detailed and professional, and they offer to mix and match windows from various manufacturers when possible. We walked out of their showroom on Saturday and said, "well, that settles that."

We also got the taxes done with a decent enough refund from both the state and the feds. My flex benefits claims have been filed, and the mountains of laundry are now down to small hillocks.

No pedicure yet, and no office cleaning either. I did indulge in a little fun spending at TJ Maxx on Friday including a new spring/summer bag and a couple of new tops. I did get on the treadmill and am ready to get on it again momentarily. And I did manage to see a couple of episodes of Luther on Netflix, though the last one was a bit too violent, even for my strong stomach.

So, with my online class busy with revisions, and the questions printed out for my evening class, I'm moving on to tomorrow's students and trying to scrounge up some more money for the windows.

3 Responses to “Break Done”

  1. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Jill hasn't been made into a dull girl with all that work! We're considering windows too: do you have to pay to look at Angie's list?

  2. Jerry Says:

    Well, parts of the mission were accomplished, at any rate, and that should lead to some sense of satisfaction! Any chance you can get some insurance of a weekend away sometime soon? You need a vacation after your vacation, it sounds like... Smile Jerry

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Hi Paulette:
    I do subscribe to Angie's List, but will happily peek in your area if you like. Give me a shout!

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