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Two More Days Spending

April 9th, 2012 at 05:54 am

Yesterday I spent $105 on groceries, $16 on Easter basket stuff, $65 at Target on Easter stuff, tights for DD, skirt for DD, cleaner, toothpaste etc. Then another $8 at CVS on hair stuff like root touch-up (I have no secrets at SA) and a deep conditioner. We talked about going out to eat, but I was meticulous with my coupons and didn't want to blow my savings so ate in.

This morning? Another $40 at church, but nothing else.
We had friends over, ate large quantities of the food purchased yesterday and just plain relaxed.

Target is dangerous for me. I know this. Stuff flings itself into that big red cart.

I'm currently anxious about my potential NYC spending. My girlfriends are posing the idea of several nights of $100+ tickets--and that's w/o food.

But I did manage to read two senior capstone reports tonight for some needed extra cash. Still--that NYC money....

1 Responses to “Two More Days Spending ”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    NYC is definitely not cheap but the experience is priceless. Did I say I mentioned that I love NYC and Broadway?!

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