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Lovely Weekend

May 14th, 2012 at 07:09 am

Despite the long drive and lots of talk about documentation and citation, Friday night didn't go too badly. The other instructor was clearly not prepared for the evening, but I always have too much stuff--so I passed out examples, did samples, and spent time with each student helping with their projects. I think I can get through three weeks of it just fine.

Saturday morning we three did a school fund-raising run-walk. MY DH was less than enthusiastic, but we had fun and got some exercise. And lots of gift cards, coupons, and vouchers for free food and travel mugs. Perhaps it was the run tee-shirt with the big cupcake on it that made him doubt he'd wear it again?

Saturday night DD had a sleepover birthday party to attend. She'd heard from the b-day girl a short list of what she'd like for a gift, and apparently there was some grumbling from other moms about the price of the gifts. But we stuck to our budget with a gift card and a few little trinkets.

That sleepover meant DH and I had the evening to ourselves--and we made the most of it. First to a tapas place that we loved--then a movie. Wow--that much fun without paying the babysitter. I'd have sprung for the expensive gift for the b-day girl!

Yesterday at church we sang my DH's mom's favorite hymn--and since we'd both lost our moms since last Mother's Day--it was particularly meaningful to be together and remember them. Then we went out to lunch, weeded the lawn, and did some home chores. All that dining out is really unusual for us--and we ended up eating frozen eggrolls last night with the sleep-deprived DD snoozing on the sofa. It sounds odd, but it was very fun.

3 Responses to “Lovely Weekend”

  1. laura Says:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Care to share your mom's favorite Hymn? I'm getting reacquainted with the classic hymns on a local Christian radio station (I'm taking a hiatus from Catholic talk radio and MBI evangelicals).

  2. My English Castle Says:

    "Great is Thy Faithfulness" was DH's mom's fav. She loved it--it's so encouraging.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That is a great hymn. Smile I enjoy modern Christian music, but there really is nothing like the good ol' hymns to renew your spirit. Big Grin

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