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Winding Into the School Year

September 4th, 2012 at 04:15 am

I feel like we should have done something spectacular this weekend--especially today--but we spent the morning deep cleaning our bedroom. We took the bed apart, vacuumed underneath the bed, behind the bed, behind the dressers etc. Everything in there got washed, then we moved onto DD's room.

Is this a sign of age that rather than whooping it up over the holiday weekend, we clean? Probably.

I did some minor grocery shopping, we grilled steaks, and got every one all spruced up to begin the school year. This will be almost an hour earlier rising for DD. I hope she doesn't crash tomorrow on the first day of middle school! I hope I don't either, but I only have one class tomorrow. Mondays and Wednesday are the heavy days with four classes back to back.

I hope to get a walk in before heading to the university. I've been such a slacker this summer, my good habits need to kick in.

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