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Lots of Financial News for a Change

October 18th, 2013 at 09:53 am

Let's start with the biggest anxiety reliever. DH's contract runs into at least the end of 2013. They sort of casually told him this on Monday after we'd been fretting at the impending end-of-October date. And since they have more money in 2014, it'll likely be extended again. Pheww.

Yesterday a colleague and I had a meeting with our dean about salaries. Our department chair is nice but useless and, as he says" doesn't want to spend HIS capital" arguing for us. Thanks a bunch. Three additional colleagues and I all missed a $2000 salary increase because we "went up" for our tenure equivalency early. The salary bump came six months later, and we were not eligible for it. The university so rarely moves on any of these issues, no one even whimpered publicly. No one except for my colleague who was madder than hell. As it turns out, the dean see our point that it penalizes seniority rather than rewarding it and is pushing our case. Since it was all going so swimmingly, I asked if they could do something about me being on half salary while in London. She was genuinely shocked about that and promised investigation there as well.

So, nothing definite out of it yet, but I'm cautiously optimistic. Cross fingers, please.

Then I narrowly dodged a $65 immunization last night. The school wants 11-year-olds to have a booster tdap vaccine right now. I figured we'd save the doctor visit and went to Walgreen's, but they don't honor my insurance for "medical" vaccines, whatever that means. They were happy to do it for $65, and there were other parents there all grumbling about it. I called our doctor this morning and she'll have it in the office on Tuesday morning-no fee or co-pay. I'm thrilled.

No other big news. DD and I went to Noodles last night for dinner as I had a coupon for a free meal. I'm shocked at how many people and their kids eat dinner out all the time. We spent under $6 for both of us with my birthday coupon, but the couple behind us who confided that Thursday is their Noodles Night spent $54 for themselves and two kids. Eeek.

7 Responses to “Lots of Financial News for a Change”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    That is more than my weekly allowance for fun things! They spend that in one dinner?

  2. My English Castle Says:

    I completely understand how folks who are tired from working want/need to go out or get take out. But man, that's more than half our grocery bill for a week. And I have to say, it was not a fun spend. Lots of screaming kids, drinks tipped over, etc. I was glad to get out of there.

  3. TashaC. Says:

    great that the contract got extended! Boo to no raise. I had a boss tell me he couldn't justify getting me an assistant when I was doing the work of 2 departments on my own just fine (it wasn't fine, we were slowly sinking and I was the only one noticing). What a slap in the face bosses can be.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    So glad to hear the good news for your husband! Fingers are crossed here for that raise you so deserve.

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Great/possibly great news all around!

    Is Noodles a Thai restaurant? When I lived in Dallas there was an awesomely cheap vegetarian friendly place called Noodles which was a Thai place. I didn't get there very often because it wasn't exactly close to any of the places I lived, but I did try to go whenever I could. (probably a total of 6 times in the years I lived in the DFW metro.)

  6. scfr Says:

    Hmmm ... I wonder if there are certain vaccine shots that you must get from a doctor (measles, etc) and only certain ones (flu, shingles, etc) that you can get at places like Walgreen's?

  7. My English Castle Says:

    I wondered too, scfr. They do offer tdap and others at Walgreen's, but not to those with our insurance.

    Laura, Our Noodles is a chain, but a tasty chain. I guess it's technically "Noodles and Company."

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