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As August Ticks Down

August 6th, 2014 at 01:57 pm

Hey! I just noticed one of my 2014 goals is carpet for the family room. I think I'm about to tick that goal off my list. DD and I stopped at a couple carpet stores, and I looked on line for a bit, but a local chain has just expanded to our area and seems to have the best deals I've seen. I chose a couple styles yesterday for our very large family room, then sent DH to look on his way home. Happily he chose several of the same, so we're about ready to roll on it.

The room is big, so the carpet, even with discounts, will run us about $2000. But we'll do the removal ourselves. It should be quite an adventure as we have four huge bookcases along one wall that will need to be emptied and moved.

In other boring news, I'm headed back to the periodontist today to get my stitches removed. Tonight will be devoted to rummage sale organization.

4 Responses to “As August Ticks Down”

  1. snafu Says:

    Looking on the positive side, before emptying 4 bookcases, create a suitable criteria and have a serious look for books that can be relinquished to sell at rummage sale or on on-line book sell site, CraigsList, local FB, Kijiji or local book re-seller etc. In our home books are an ongoing issue. We've a 'new book in, old book out' rule. Books go out of date so fast we take them to re-sellers [handy location] for about 1/2 purchase price exchange. If not read in 2 years or plan to read again, older books go to library for their sale or 'Benny Bookworm' firefighters fund raiser for burn unit.

    We are using our electronic readers more because it's so cost efficient to buy e-books. Finally, our library has made it so convenient to order and then renew e-books, I love it.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    You will like having new carpet! A little heavy lifting will be worth it and the actual carpet pull up isn't too bad. We did it in our first home and it was worth the expense we saved. We carpeted the whole house so bedrooms and living areas had to be completely empty. Our garage became the storage area for two days. Smile

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Snafu: Could you come and speak with my DH and DD? I'm pretty darn good at moving my books except the ones I regularly use to teach. But both of them are crazy. DD threatened me with a wooden spoon today if I touch her books. And DH is worse.

  4. snafu Says:

    ROFLOL, you've described DH and DSs, do you know them? We have been married a very long time and I'm embarrassed to admit this is the most argued issue. There is no room for more books until old books go! My best argument revolves around the good that comes from donating books for sale to a worthy cause. We give ourselves big rewards for doing task that are difficult.

    We recently spent two weeks working at least an hour each day reviewing old teaching materials stored in Banker boxes in the cupboard under the stairs. Our criteria decided in advance was nothing over 5 y/o retained. DH had a hard time letting go of hand outs and presentations for courses no longer taught. I think he squirrelled away a few really old favourites but I don't see this as a 'bleed 'n die' issue.

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