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Here it Comes

September 4th, 2017 at 03:38 pm

Yep, the new school year is about 14 hours away. DH and I have spent the day trying to get things done around here. I made quinoa salad for both DD and DH's lunches, made muffin tin fritatas for breakfasts for the week, and got the lunch boxes ready.

I still have a few things to do because we spent yesterday in the Wisconsin Dells taking a boat trip through the Upper Dells. The commercial trashy Dells are pretty awful, but the natural Dells--the beautiful river and rock formations are breathtaking. We saw Stand Rock and the fabulous Witches Gulch. It was a fun day followed by our dinner out using a restaurant gift card.

I look forward to the new school year. Let's go!

8 Responses to “Here it Comes”

  1. Bluebird Says:

    My boys started school two weeks ago (middle school and intermediate school) and I've barely adjusted...early mornings, eggs for breakfast, pack lunches plus my own, jeez! Plus the usual working full time, household chores, and school paperwork 😩 I spent this entire weekend cleaning house, getting ready for the week, organizing, you know the drill! Hoping my efforts translate into an easier work week, but I don't know!

  2. Bluebird Says:

    Oh, by the way, we took a driving trip to Milwaukee, WI, a few weeks ago, we visited Pabst mansion, Miller Brewery, fun times in Milwaukee! I thought of you when we were near your University possibly! We really enjoyed it!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    The daily grind of the school year started just last week and it already feels like summer was ages ago!

  4. veronak Says:

    Aw how exciting, hope this is a fantastic school year 📚 ✏️

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Dells! We've driven through the commercial part on road trips but I didn't know there was a beautiful natural component.

    If I go to WI in early October, I'll be visiting Viroqua and Stoughton. Any tips on good nature stuff or other things to do? Looks like Stoughton is quite close to Madison.

  6. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Hope your new school year kicks off to a great start!

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Hope your new school year is a wonderful one!

  8. My English Castle Says:

    ceejay--the frank lloyd wright stuff in spring green is amazing. Stoughton itself is very Norwegian, but it's worth the drive to New Glarus for the beer and the kind of kitschy Swiss stuff. I love Monona Terrace in Madison on the lake/campus and the botanical gardens are fabulous and free. Viroqua is gorgeous. Very funky.

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