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Let the Frugality Begin

October 31st, 2017 at 02:28 pm

We really did enjoy our French girls, but I estimate we spent perhaps $500 extra in two weeks. Is that possible? First--the food. We were in charge of all three meals--an easy breakfast, packed lunches, and dinners. Admittedly my dinners were somewhat fancier than usual; after all they were guests. I skipped out occasional leftovers dinners, bought and made more desserts than usual, and wow--the baguettes. I brought the girls to the shops with me and while baguettes may be half a Euro or so in France, the $3 baguettes--often two a day--really added up. They made me laugh with their requests for "a bit of bread." The very nice artisan loaves we usually buy were rejected and they just wanted baguette. Then there were the tickets--Haunted Houses, China Lights, movies, bowling, trampoline park, wildlife center. I grouponed a few, but yikes. And pizzas. But it was really lovely getting to know them, their family stories, the talk of French schools, their views on everything. They live in a beautiful part of Provence, and I got the impression that one of the girls comes from some serious money. They have a beach house in St. Tropez, a boat on the Med, and lots of ski trips. Her father is a dentist. The other girl just shook her head and said, "We do not have a summer house or a boat." Though it was a lot of work, we were sad to see them go. They left us lovely notes, lots of little gifts, and big hugs with some parting tears.

So--tonight I clean out the fridge, make celeriac soup, boil down some chicken bones, and try to make up some time.

2 Responses to “Let the Frugality Begin”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I would guess that is $500 well spent for the experience of learning of another culture and helping them learn ours. Good luck on the belt tightening. I know you can do it.

  2. laura Says:

    Someone reminded me recently that I said "we save so we can spend elsewhere." If only that were still the case! Seems to me that I'm saving so I can spend it on the next thing thrown at us (sump pump replacement, furnace repair at rental property, and loss of rent since tenant was given a 5-day are all within the last two weeks).

    Onward. And it sounds like a lovely experience with your French gals. For both you and them!

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