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Still Making Soup But Eating Paczki Tomorrow

February 12th, 2018 at 11:11 pm

Many of you will remember last year's discussion of paczki. I need to remember to buy some tonight or get up early to find some tomorrow morning.

But paczki aside, it's still cold, snowy February around here. Between last week's car bill and the gas bill, it's still cold, snowy, and frugal February too.

My DD had a snow day on Friday, we had a low-key weekend of library visits, Olympics viewing, and paper grading. All that was punctuated with soup making, crisp baking, quinoa salad prep, and brushing snow off the car every 15 minutes or so.

To increase motivation today, I closed out a small saving account with a teeny balance which will go to the UK House fund when it actually transfers. I seem to be in super-slow winter mode with lots of eating and lazing about. This needs to stop, and will, I vow, by Wednesday. After all, there's still some cranberry apple crisp left.

4 Responses to “Still Making Soup But Eating Paczki Tomorrow”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sounds like you had a good weekend Smile

  2. Dido Says:

    I don't recall the paczki discussion from last year but I googled it and recognized what are called Fastnachts here in Pennsylvania Dutch country!

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    My grandpa was Polish but I wasn't familiar with this term. It sounds like our everyday American-variety donuts with the jelly filling!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    My kindred spirit with soup!

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend even with the cold and the snow. You sound like me cleaning off the car, but in my case it is the driveway.

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