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Cancelation Means Relaxation

July 18th, 2018 at 07:44 am

My DD has been taking an ACT prep class along with her summer French conversation. And we've been trying to get to the gym almost every day. These balanced with too many summer university meetings (for which I am NOT paid) have made things hectic. She needs to be driven to all of them--too far to bike. This morning looked particularly hectic with a dog groomer drop off, water zumba, and picking up a friend. But halfway to the groomer's, we got a text that zumba canceled, so we canceled the friend. Normally this would have us a little upset, but those hours crammed in before her classes now feel like a gift.

Yesterday was too hectic--my Tuesday morning teaching hangover from a late class, two meetings, lesson drop-offs, my DH working late from home until 10, and trivia with my trivia buddy. Trivia was a disaster. Neither of us know anything about Formula One racing or country music, and normally we do pretty well. I had a fun time chatting with him, but there is just too much going on.

So onward. I've got a few hours of work and can fit everything else in, including the gym with a bit more breathing room. All this running has meant lots of gas spending, as well as coffee shop spending since no one seems to want to meet at the university. We need a vacation from summer vacation.

5 Responses to “Cancelation Means Relaxation”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Perfectly put...those cancellations do feel like a gift.

    One thing that always frustrated me as an educator was the expectation of doing so many things without being paid. As a classroom teacher, no one knows how much work and expense goes into setting up a room, and every classroom I had was unairconditioned so that meant going in on very hot days and sweltering. Then the meetings or professional development that was expected by the district and the state...oh, the list goes on. Educators are truly unsung professionals that everyone thinks they can do a better job than the educators do.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Thanks, Rob. I've had so many meetings this summer, and I'm a bit fed up. hey--I'm reading Elizabeth Strout too!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Good for you. Try to give your mind a rest from all those meetings. That is one thing I do not miss.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    ((Hugs)) Love all teachers who do the work required. I do wish you were paid for the extra meetings. I suppose those in charge would say those meetings are included in your current pay, yes?!

  5. My English Castle Says:

    Ah, CCF. It's a bit of a quandary since I was explicitly told that they couldn't pay me for the summer, so I shouldn't do summer work. But then there are meetings called by the associate deans and dept chair? The same ones that told me NO summer work, but these are mandatory meetings. I can't really say anything, tempted as I am.

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