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More Found Jewelry and Weekend Updates

January 6th, 2020 at 06:38 pm

Thanks for your input on the ring we've found. I've posted a notice on our local FB page, but no responses yet.

In a strange coincidence, last year my DH found a Tiffany bracelet in the cafeteria at work. At the time he posted it on their company intranet, but got no responses. It sat in their lost and found for a year, and now has been returned to him. When he brought it home, I looked inside to see it was engraved with three initials. Because he's a goofball, he had not looked. So this morning we contacted a friend who works in HR at the company (a very big life insurance company) and they've found four possible matches with those initials. An engraved Tiffany bracelet like that retails for $335, and it seems like it must've been a gift. I'll bet someone is missing it. HR has now contacted all four to see if they claim it. Stay tuned for more on our missing jewelry And if you're missing something, please contact me; I likely have it!

Weekend spending was very limited. DD and I did a quick Costco trip for school lunch supplies, but the freezer excavation continues. I defrosted two lonely chicken breasts and turned one into enchiladas with the help of some leftover cream cheese from a work event, a can of Ro-tel and some veggies. The weekend's turkey stock will host the other piece of chicken for some Tex-Mex chicken soup as we're long on black beans.

One highlight was bringing our reverse Advent calendar box to church. To support local food pantries, they printed up a list of a food item to deposit in a box for every day of Advent--ranging from cereal to beans, tuna, canned fruit, etc. Twenty four items filled up the box. The congregation filled over 150 boxes! It was really fun to see all giving.

3 Responses to “More Found Jewelry and Weekend Updates”

  1. Lots of Ideas Says:

    I love the reverse Advent calendar box. I’ve never seen that idea before, but what a lovely way to teach the spirit of giving. I will for sure be spending the idea next year, as well as making a box of my own!

  2. Sue Says:

    That's really nice of you to go back to the company to try and find the owner of the Tiffany bracelet after noticing engraved initials on the inside of the bracelet.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Dear lost and found jewelry hunter -- you are resourceful and honest!

    I liked the way you wrote the weekend's turkey stock will host the other piece of chicken. Cute way of phrasing and and good use of freezer finds.

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