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Folding, Grading, and Trying to Get Out of my Head

May 5th, 2020 at 03:55 pm

My wonderful daughter and I have started a big project. Our United Way is sponsoring a huge appeal for disposable masks. Yesterday we picked up the kit for 700 masks. It's four gigantic rolls of paper which you fold, hole punch, and attach rubber bands for behind the ears.
Because we're a bit slow on the uptake, we had to watch the video instruction about a dozen times, but then got into the swing of it. They're due back Friday so we'll have some busy evenings.

That was our only outing yesterday as we had the "pneumonia front" pass through on Sunday dropping our temps 20 degrees. Before that we had a great hike in a county park followed by Culver's drive-through custard.

This is the last week of "instruction," and I think we did as well as we could through all of this. I read a blog on a FB group of teachers titled :"Not Crushing It," which is kind of how I feel. We got through it. Of my 100 students, about six have disappeared from online access. The university is trying very hard to find them and get them back--and is being very generous with incompletes and a credit/no credit option. I'm probably the kindest grader I've ever been.
Then there's DD's college plans. Her Scottish university seems also in panic mode--encouraging her and other foreign students not to give up on them. But it all seems like a (bag) pipe dream at this point. She's confirmed at Wisconsin-Madison without turning down Minnesota or Edinburgh. And with the university system in such financial panic, we'll need a lot more funding from the state. And I worry about my pension plan and seemingly everything else at 3 am. I think this is the lowest I've been since this began; I hadn't realized how much I care about the institution I love/hate/love.

Sorry for the big whine. I need to re-set, keep folding masks, and live with the uncertainty that we've all had to live with. My husband loves this isolation; he's not nearly as social as me. I get a lot of energy from going out, seeing students/friends etc. So glad our daughter is home; she's the best company and one great mask folder.

Not much detailed financial news. My seeds are sprouting, we have a lot of food to use up including another magnificent pot of bean soup, and I've reverted to my bag lady behaviors of moving money around and running stupid Swagbucks while grading.

3 Responses to “Folding, Grading, and Trying to Get Out of my Head”

  1. Wink Says:

    No need to apologize! This is a really hard time and talking about how you feel is a good thing. The president of my college has been putting out weekly updates on the fiscal state of things and it's not pretty. I feel so bad for our students and everyone who works there.

  2. Lots of Ideas Says:

    Agree that this is a really difficult time.

    If I were about to be a college freshman, I think I would defer a year, maybe take a few prerequisite type classes at a local state school to fill time. So much of the college experience is the camaraderie of living away from home with your peers. The year lost now is small in the fullness of life!

    But I am a pessimist and can’t see how this possibly gets under control by fall - or until we get a competent administration!

    I hope your school can hang on, maybe benefit from providing distance learning to local students!

  3. terri77 Says:

    That’s so awesome! Those 700 masks will be put to good use.

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