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Costco, Sigh

November 21st, 2020 at 08:32 pm

I used to love Costco.  My DD and I would make a morning of it, shopping, sampling, and splitting a hot dog.  But I find pandemic Costco simultaneously wearying and worrying.  There are too many people there for my taste and I feel lots of (self-imposed) pressure to get it all and get it right.  I think I might be done with it for a while.  But I spent a small fortune there this morning buying everything from Thanksgiving food to Christmas gifts for the rehab home we sponsor.  Then I bought gas.  Then I picked up more stuff from the Target pick-up.  And frankly between the grocery store pick-up and the Target pick-up.  I think I can skip Costco until we're done with the pandemic. 

My friends and I spent some time yesterday trying to figure out why meal planning was so much more difficult now.  I think we figured it out.  I used to stop once or twice a week on my way home from school to pick yp a few things needed for dinners.  That doesn't happen any more so we're eating lots of the same meals over and over.  I guess I need to do more planning.  But at this point in the semester, nothing is planned except school.  Less than a month to go.

Isn't that a big whine about having so much food?  I should be (and am) a bit ashamed of myself.  Glad the sidebars are updated.  Glad my friends and family are mostly healthy and employed.  Glad my students are mostly ok and mostly passing. 



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  1. rob62521 Says:

    I found myself fixing the same stuff over and over and decided to challenge myself by changing a recipe a week. I went through the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks and put a sticky note on some recipes I wanted to try. Then before our weekly shopping trip to the grocery stores, I made sure I had the ingredients. It's been kind of nice changing things up.

    We don't have a Costco where I live. We used to go to Sam's and to be honest, I think I spent way more than I should have so we let our membership lapse.

    Some days it is difficult to be grateful; I am struggling with that, but reading your blog reminds me that I do have a lot for which to be thankful. Thank you!

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