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Dejunking and Retirement Seminars

June 22nd, 2022 at 05:55 am

I spent two hours tonight at a zoomed state retirment seminar.  Ugh, I'm so zoomed out.  Zoom meetings, zoom with students, now zoom HR sessions.  I'm not sure I learned anything new but it was pretty well done.  I need to have another meeting with the benefits people at my university as they have other parts of the plan under their control.  I'm hoping for an in-person meeting there.

I walked my usual route before 7 this morning to avoid the heat as it hit 100 here today.  My class went pretty well, though the not-so-swell students are lagging while the good ones are almost done. In the afternoon I decided to take advantage of the cool basement and ready a box for the hazardous waste disposal scheduled for Saturday.  We have lots of old paint cans and dried up ends of solvents that I'd love to get out of the basement.  And during the boring bits of the zoom seminar, I sorted through files and tossed a lot of copies and excess junk.  Not exciting, but satisfying.

I've been reading the Slough House novels by the British writer, Mick Herron.  They're spy novels, which I sometimes like, but he's an excellent, very literary writer.  If you like that sort of thing, they're a good sumer read--and all from my frugal friend, the public library.


2 Responses to “Dejunking and Retirement Seminars”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Gotta love your frugal friend, the public library. I have a list of books I want to check out from ours.

    The heat in the Midwest has been oppressive, that's for darn sure.

    Glad you accomplished a few things.

  2. terri77 Says:

    After 10 months since my move I finally sought out the local library the other week. The branch nearest me is tiny, but I’m still so happy to finally have a library card again!

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